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Chemical Engineering Tunable properties of PtxxFe1-x electrocatalysts and their catalytic activity towards the oxygen reduction reaction [PDF]
Investigation of formation mechanism of Pt(111) nanoparticle layers grown on Ru(0001) core [PDF]
Composition-Tunable Properties of CdSe Quantum Dots: From Equimolar to Cd-rich and then to Se-rich - DFT Simulation Studies [PDF]
Absorption and Binding of Capping Molecules for Highly Luminescent CdSe Nanocrystals - DFT Simulation Studies [PDF]
DFT: A comparison of CO oxidation on ZnO(1010) and Ti doping on ZnO (1010)Surfaces [PDF]
Materials science and Engineering Dynamic viscosity of PEG:PEG-ran-PPG blends through stress relaxation [PDF]
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of DMSO-Induced Lysozyme Unfolding [PDF]
Mechanical Engineering Micro-Mechanical Behavior of Single Crystal Cu under loading by Molecular Dynamics Simulation [PDF]
Molecular dynamics simulation of body-centered cubic and face-centered cubic stress state of the nanowires microbehavior [PDF]
Electrical Engineering Complexity Reduced Face Detection Using Pixel-Based Hierarchical-Feature Adaboosting [PDF]