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Chemical Engineering Characterize the Bonding of NHx species to RuO2(110) Surface [ PDF]
Thermal Control of Methacrolein product Distributions at the Si(100) Surface [ PDF]
DFT Study of Ethanol Decomposition on Ni/α-Al2O3(0001) Surface [ PDF]
DFT Study of Methanol Decomposition on ZnO(100) Surface [ PDF]
A DFT Study of Water Gas Shift Reaction on Pt (111) and Bimetallic Pt88.9% Ru11.1% (111)Surface [ PDF]
Theoretical Study of the Structure of InGaN [ PDF]

DFT Study of Adsorption and Reactions of H2S on the Si(100) surface

[ PDF]
Mechanical Engineering

Molecular Dynamics Study on Mechanical Properties of Copper Nanowires and Behaviors of Nanoscale Cutting

[ PDF]